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The saffron

The saffron spices are the pistils of the “Crocus Sativus “plant. The stigmas of the pistil are red while the yellow color comes from the style. The style is very small but has the strongest coloration, which is why the saffron leaves a yellow color on the food despite looking red.


Its unique properties make it the most expensive spice in the world. It can be used to modify the color, the smell and the flavor of food without everlasting effects on the house. It can also be used to make a delicious tea and its most popular use can be found in the Spanish paella. Furthermore, the saffron has exceptional health qualities as it is a natural antioxidant and has proven to be a valuable resource in traditional medicine.


Saffron is mostly grown in Iran but it is used all the way from western Europe to India. All these peoples appreciate the multiple qualities of saffron and we want to bring this “golden spice” to the most advanced country in the world.


The Crocus Sativus grows best in areas with rainy springs and warm dry summers. It thrives in semi-arid lands which are plentiful in Spain, Greece and Iran. Planting happens in the beginning of summer and the flowers bloom in mid-autumn. Because the saffron itself is only a small part of the flower, over 1 pound of flowers is needed to produce 6 grams of dried Saffron. This means around 900 flowers are needed to produce 6 grams of dried Saffron.

Quality control 

As a company we want our buyers to always get the best quality available, which is why we have a quality control check on all the saffron we sell.

Quality of products is controlled according to ISO 3632-1; 1-259 & 2-259 international standards.

These are the elements that are controlled in a quality check: Crocin( for color), picrocrocin (flavor), safranal (aroma).The higher the amount of these elements, the higher the quality of saffron.

Products of "Premium Saffron" company pass different experiments in our labs. The physical, chemical, and micro -biological characteristics of saffron are checked and analyzed. Our offered-to-market products, hold ISO 3632 international standards.